There once was a little girl. Her mom had named her Usa. This name was choosen because it conjured up a love of country and pride in nation. This little Usa grew up in an island home with fragrant blossoms in the trees above, black sandy beaches, honu swimming in the bay and the beautiful differences of unusual first names were all the common rage. One day Usa was getting ready to move to the land of getting serious, cement buildings taller than you could ever know, going to school and getting snowboots, also known as the East Coast. She decided to hide her special name until a time when she knew it would be safe to say again. Well folks,that time is NOW! Welcome to Oosahh!Foto. Where we can say OOhh and Ahh with an SSSSS in between. Fun, Full of Life, Energy and Emotion. That is what I feel when I am looking through the lens. I love the art and act of Photography. I love capturing PEOPLE. New people (as in children) and old, people in love and fighting siblings. Rock Stars, Silly Monkeys, Wall Flowers and In Betweens. It is one of my fondest treasures to work with you, to capture you, to chronicle your time doing whatever it is that you love! Get a hold of me. Pick up the nearest phone send me a quick E-mail or text. Shout it from the highest I might NOT hear you but THAT would be a great adventure wouldn't it. Now capturing all of lifes Oohs and Aahs. </p>